[vbox-dev] ISession lock/unlock problems

Andrea Turli andrea.turli at email.it
Sun Mar 25 09:42:23 PDT 2012


I'm trying to implement a java client able to interact with Vbox API.

Reading the documentation I've found this document
where it is said explicity:
"The caller must eventually release the session's shared lock by
calling ISession::unlockMachine on the local session object once this
call has returned. However, the session's state (see ISession::state)
will not return to "Unlocked" until the remote session has also
unlocked the machine (i.e. the machine has stopped running)."

In fact IMachine.getSessionState() and ISession.getState() are not
always in sync. Is there a way to ensure that the ISession ::state is
effectively Unlocked before another methods tries to use it?
Can I loop on the ISession::state until the ISession is Unlocked for
all, and how?

Thank you,
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