[vbox-dev] Haiku build tools integration (was: "Open Letter to Oracle: Please open up community development")

Ramshankar ramshankar.venkataraman at oracle.com
Mon Mar 5 05:43:04 PST 2012

Introducing a new host/guest means first changes into kBuild (which is 
maintained in a separate repository) needs to be done. As far as I know 
this is already mostly done but there is one last change that François 
submitted (a few lines patch, iirc) that hasn't been merged into kBuild yet.

Once kBuild can be checked out and works without any modifications on 
Haiku, integrating the rest of the patches will be easier and less time 


On 03/ 1/12 01:01 PM, François Revol wrote:
> On 01/03/2012 02:12, Mike Smith wrote:
>>> The biggest pending change (the Haiku port) is waiting for build tools
>>> integration, and this is simply time consuming. The quality of this
>>> contribution is very high.
>> Out of curiosity, what integration is this referring to? As of when I
>> stopped working on it, kbuild was working well enough except for gcc2
>> support - has this changed since then, or am I missing something, or
>> is gcc2 support what you were referring to?
> I suppose he's talking about all makefile changes, which are quite large
> as they also include my preliminary work at a Haiku-host port.
> François.
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