[vbox-dev] question regarding current status of drag and drop

Berin Babcock-McConnell spectre683 at users.sourceforge.net
Tue Jun 19 00:26:53 PDT 2012


I am interested in working on adding file drag and drop functionality to
VirtualBox.  I've read through the old messages pertaining to this topic
on the vbox-dev mailing list and I've looked through the current
development code.  I see that there is some "initial DnD support" in the
code but there are some critical files missing and it doesn't seem to be
possible to enable DnD functionality at this point.  So I'm wondering if
the missing files just don't exist or are they destined for a closed
source guest addition?  Also given that this is "initial" support, what
remains to be done?

Thank you,


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