[vbox-dev] Problems with IGuest.ExecuteProcess and IGuest.GetProcessOutput

Julka Chanpreet Contractor DC3/DCCI Chanpreet.Julka.ctr at dc3.mil
Tue Jul 24 11:57:00 PDT 2012

I am having an issue using IGuest.ExecuteProcess and IGuest.GetProcessOutput.

I have a C# program running on a Windows 7 64bit system communicating with a guest Windows XP 32 bit vm.  

I am using ExecuteProcess to start a process on the VM.  What I would like to do is to capture the StdOut from the console of the process that was executed and return it back to my program.

My process starts when I start ExecuteProcess, however I do not see any output to the console window, and I am not able to receive any output back to my program via GetProcessOutput either.  

I have browsed the forums and the web to find out what the issue could be.  Someone had a similar issue because they did not set the ExecuteProcessFlag_WaitForStdOut.  I tried setting this flag also, and I still have the same problem. I have posted my issue on the form also, but have not received any replies.  Hopefully someone can help me here.


Chanpreet Julka
Software Engineer - DCCI, Contractor
Building 1190 410-694-4328 
Building 911 410-981-6612
chanpreet.julka.ctr at dc3.mil

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