[vbox-dev] Unreliability in guestcontrol

Brian Campbell bacam at z273.org.uk
Tue Jul 17 02:38:28 PDT 2012

On 16/07/12 20:47, Andreas Löffler wrote:
> Hi Brian,
> thanks for the patches. For the guest control functionality there's a
> major overhaul with also a new API coming up, which (hopefully) will be
> in the next upcoming major VBox release. That said, the existing guest
> control API will be marked as being deprecated soon in order to give
> users a chance to switch to the new API.

Excellent, that would be a more comprehensive solution.

> Regarding VBoxService, as you already pointed out, there's also the need
> of fixing things here and there. Due to the lack of time VBoxService
> won't get any bigger treatment until then. I'll take a look at your
> patches when time permits. Please don't forget to state which license
> your patches apply to. Thanks!

MIT is fine.


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