[vbox-dev] vboxbow not working?

Willi Burmeister wib at cs.uni-kiel.de
Wed Jan 11 00:22:58 PST 2012

Hi Ramshankar,

> >For VirtualBox I created a new VNIC with:
> >
> ># dladm create-vnic -l igb1 -v 110 sun110001
> >
> >   110001 = VLAN-ID * 1000 + PPA
> iirc, with S11, I don't think you need to specify a PPA-hack name
> anymore for VLANs.
Chapter 6.4 (Bridge Networking) tells us:

When using VLAN interfaces with VirtualBox, they must be named according
to the PPA-hack naming scheme (e.g. "e1000g513001"), as otherwise the
guest may receive packets in an unexpected format.

> >Now I created a new VM with sun110001 as bridged interface and the same MAC address.
> You shouldn't have to manually assign the same MAC address anymore
> with vboxbow. Simply passing the VNIC should be sufficient.
Again chapter 6.4

  - The VNIC and the guest network interface that uses the VNIC must be
    assigned identical MAC addresses.

Maybe the manual has be corrected as for vboxnow?

> Have you tried using a VirtualBox VLAN VNIC template? See User
> Manual chapter 9.16 VirtualBox VNIC templates for VLANs on Solaris

Now I have and all works ok now.

Thanks for your answer.



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