[vbox-dev] [PATCH] vbox-unattended in C++ ! was: [proposal: Unattended Guest OS Installs for VirtualBox ?]

Alexey Eromenko al4321 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 9 21:46:00 PST 2012

Hi all !

First experimental patch of my new lovely feature, now re-written in C++ !


Release Notes:
1. It works ! (tested with 32-bit guests: Windows XP, Vista, openSUSE
11.4, Debian 6)
2. Full VirtualBox GUI integration !
3. you must symlink all template* files to /tmp/  (I have not found a
way retrieve vbox locations properly)
3.a. symlink GA.iso into "/tmp/VBoxGuestAdditions.iso" (for same reason)
4. Linux hosts only
5. Red Hat guests not supported in this release.
6. patch must be applied vs. vbox-svn-2012-01-07
7. working from physical CD-ROM is not supported. (only with ISO images)

7z (7-zip) - used to extract data from ISOs.
mtools - used to copy data to floppy images.
genisoimage & geteltorito

It would be nice to stabilize it, and include into 4.2.0.

License: core logic under BSD, all my vbox-patches under MIT. (I can
change if needed)

Happy Hacking !
-Alexey Eromenko "Technologov", 10.Jan.2012.
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