[vbox-dev] witch VMs from foreground to background and vice versa

Joseph Smith joseph1962smith at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 3 13:33:14 PST 2012

Hi Andrew,

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Are you essentially asking to be able to start a VM in 'GUI' mode and then, at some point later, make it headless ... and then even later ... possibly making it 'GUI' (ie: non-headless) again?

Is the reason for your request to 'remove' the machine GUI from your workspace and/or dock?  This could be accomplished by moving the VM to another 'spaces' desktop.

Also ... if you are truly looking to 'disconnect' the GUI from the VM ... wouldn't starting the VM in headless mode net you the same results?  The only difference there being when you wanted to do 'GUI' related work you would have to connect via VRDP.  All my VMs run headless on multiple servers (SuSE, OS X, etc) and I connect via VRDP using a web client and/or a RDP client (I use CoRD).

I do agree that going the route of starting headless and connecting via VRDP does introduce a number of challenges since features like drag-n-drop and seamless desktop among others would no longer be available.


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Subject: [vbox-dev] witch VMs from foreground to background and vice versa
I would love a feature that would allow me to disconnect the
VirtualBox GUI from a VM and reconnect it later, similar to the VRDP
server but integrated into the GUI. (VRDP-based VMs running in the
background cannot be controlled by the GUI at the moment.)

I am willing to offer a bounty for this feature on Mac OS X.

I have no idea how much work it would entail. I am willing to pay for
development of this feature if someone of the VirtualBox team can tell
me how much it would be and if the sum is still manageable.

VMware 2.x on the Mac had this feature unofficially. But it was removed in 3.0.

Basically I want to be able to start VMs in the GUI and then decide
whether they should run on the desktop or in the background and
likewise change that state for each VM at will.

If anyone will develop such a feature that works on all host platforms
(or at least on Mac OS X), I am willing to pay for the time. Anyone
interested please contact me (ajbrehm at gmail.com) so we can work out
the details.

Any takers? Ideas?


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