[vbox-dev] Access the Virtualbox API inside the guest?

Scott Gustafson scott at rngcabinetshop.com
Tue Feb 28 05:32:59 PST 2012

A note to say thanks for everyone's help.

All the guidance was useful and finally the problem is solved. 

Although there is no API in the guest, a VBS script got me almost there,

And I just needed a WindowState setting in this VBS script I was running:


on error resume next

Set shell = WScript.CreateObject ("WSCript.shell")

shell.run "VBoxControl.exe guestproperty set /vmcontrol/heartbeat 1",7


The ",7" on the end of the shell.run line makes the window made by the 

command run minimized, which is good enough for my needs. 

Thanks to Andreas Löffler for that tip and to all for your help!


Scott Gustafson

R&G Construction Cabinet & Millwork

North Plainfield, NJ



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