[vbox-dev] Access the Virtualbox API inside the guest?

Scott Gustafson scott at rngcabinetshop.com
Mon Feb 27 05:02:22 PST 2012

I have found VboxControl, and that's how I get the heartbeat indicator
now, using "VboxControl guestproperty set". Even when I run this command
from a vbs script (shell.run "VboxControl guestproperty set...") it
still pops up a command window for an instant, since VboxConrtol is a
command-line program, not an API call.


Is there a way to access the functions in the guest's VboxControl
directly in a VBS script, like the CreateObject("VirtualBox.VirtualBox")
does in the host?
(PS, the user forum, where I first posted my question, is forever asking
for lots of info: what are you trying to do, what's you host OS, what's
your guest OS, how many guests, why are you trying to do this, etc.
That's why I wrote a more descriptive question than just "How do I
access the API in the guest?", so I would try to cover all the simple
time-consuming questions in one shot.)



Scott Gustafson

R&G Construction Cabinet & Millwork

North Plainfield, NJ



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