[vbox-dev] I used to be a programmer like you[1]

George Marselis george at marsel.is
Sat Feb 25 05:09:21 PST 2012

Hey guys,

some people were really nice and helpful on your freenode IRC channel,
so I sent some liquid nourishment your way. It's a little something to
say "thank you" for an excellent product and an even better, and
*most* orthogonal end-user manual. Well done!

Amazon.de order 028-9559634-2601913 , ten cases of these:
. It says here it should be there "Lieferung voraussichtlich: 23.
Februar 2012 - 27. Februar 2012"

Problem is, i mailed it to the address here, as I was directed by the
helpful people on the #vbox irc channel

VirtualBox Developers
innotek GmbH
Werkstrasse 24
Weinstadt, 71384

and the telephone number is : 07151 60405-0  . I hope that is correct.
I also emailed this to info at virtualbox.org , but I did not get any
reply, so I was worried.

Please keep an eye out for this.

Thank you, again!

George Marselis
Non ex transverso sed deorsum

[1] does not involve arrows into the knee

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