[vbox-dev] BUILD from SVN issue

Perry Halbert phalbert at cox.net
Mon Dec 10 14:29:43 GMT 2012


Guests were powered off (not saved state)
First boot (before upgrade to GAs) caused abort.
Turn off 3D in settings and booting I was able to install matching GAs.
Turn on 3D in settings and boot the guest and it aborts the second you 
try to do anything which suggests host side problem to me.

By the way this was tested on two separate hosts with identical results.

I should have the logs emailed in a few hours.


On 12/10/2012 08:05 AM, mikhail sennikovsky wrote:
> Hi Perry,
> Just post me the logs by mail if that's OK for you.. Nothing special 
> is needed so far.
> Were your VMs just powered on & booted, or restored from a saved state 
> (having booted guest OS using 3D)?
> Also, did you update GAs, or just updating host installation revealed 
> this issue? (I assume the latter, but asking just in case).
> Thanks,
> Misha
> On 10.12.2012 17:37, Perry Halbert wrote:
>> Hi Mikhail,
>> Guests used to test with were Fedora-18 (64), Mint-14 (32 & 64), 
>> Ubuntu-12.10(64), & openSUSE-12.2 (64)
>> I will need to install the latest VBox again and then run the guest 
>> to produce the abort and generate a log. Where would you like the 
>> logs to be sent? Anything special you would like for me to use to 
>> generate a better log?
>> Regards,
>> Perry
>> On 12/10/2012 05:29 AM, mikhail sennikovsky wrote:
>>> Thanks for the report, Perry. Could you specify which guest OSes do 
>>> you use and post me VM log files.
>>> Thanks,
>>> Mikhail
>>> On 07.12.2012 19:39, Perry Halbert wrote:
>>>> Upgrading from r-44036 to r-44059 causes guest to abort.
>>>> Linux host and Linux guest 3D acceleration seems to be broken.  
>>>> Guest starts but shortly after throws an warning (shown in log file 
>>>> only) and guest aborts. (tested in three different guest)
>>>> 00:01:33.171988 OpenGL Warning: Assertion failed: 
>>>> cp->buffer->refCount && cp->buffer->refCount < UINT32_MAX/2, file 
>>>> /trunk/src/VBox/GuestHost/OpenGL/state_tracker/state_client.c, line 646
>>>> Reverting back to r-44036 fixes issue.
>>>> PS: I did update the GAs but had to disable 3D in guest settings 
>>>> then turning it back on with no difference.
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