[vbox-dev] BUILD from SVN issue

mikhail sennikovsky mikhail.sennikovsky at oracle.com
Mon Dec 10 11:29:11 GMT 2012

Thanks for the report, Perry. Could you specify which guest OSes do you 
use and post me VM log files.


On 07.12.2012 19:39, Perry Halbert wrote:
> Upgrading from r-44036 to r-44059 causes guest to abort.
> Linux host and Linux guest 3D acceleration seems to be broken. Guest 
> starts but shortly after throws an warning (shown in log file only) 
> and guest aborts. (tested in three different guest)
> 00:01:33.171988 OpenGL Warning: Assertion failed: cp->buffer->refCount 
> && cp->buffer->refCount < UINT32_MAX/2, file 
> /trunk/src/VBox/GuestHost/OpenGL/state_tracker/state_client.c, line 646
> Reverting back to r-44036 fixes issue.
> PS: I did update the GAs but had to disable 3D in guest settings then 
> turning it back on with no difference.
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