[vbox-dev] LogFlow() statements...

Sandeep Koppala skoppala at cs.stonybrook.edu
Fri Dec 7 03:32:58 GMT 2012

Hi all,

I am trying to implement Page Fusion for x64 Linux guests. I understand that this will require changes to the Guest Additions. Specifically, in the VBoxServicePageSharing.cpp code. I have made some changes here and I am trying to call VbglR3RegisterSharedModule function with information about Linux guest modules.

1. I am unable to put a trace in the R3 code, the code for the VMM / hypervisor. I am unable to see the LogFlow() messages. Can you help me enable it ?

2. Is the code that implements page-fusing / sharing in the VMM specific to windows ?

Thanks in advance !
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