[vbox-dev] No ACPI tables found for Ubuntu 12.10 installed on VirtualBox

tsukishiro yamazaki tsukishiro88 at gmail.com
Thu Dec 6 08:08:43 GMT 2012

Hello list,

I wanted to confirm if the vbox.dsl matches the information in the ACPI
Installed Ubuntu 12.10 then executed "sudo acpidump"
Output is : "ACPI tables wre not found. If you know location of RSD PTR
table (from dmesg, etc), supply it with either --addr or -a option"
I checked dmesg (did a "dmesg | grep RSD") and the output is as follows:
ACPI: RSDP 00000000000e0000 00024 (v02 VBOS  )
ACPI Error: Invalid length 0x0 in RSDT/XSDT (20120320/tbutils-698)

Can someone help me resolve this problem so I can properly do acpidump.
Hoping for your assistance.
Thanks and best regards
- tsukishiro
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