[vbox-dev] libvncserver IPv6 patch

Oliver Loch grimeton at gmx.net
Mon Aug 6 12:26:07 GMT 2012


I'm working on it - which means - I'm watching too much of the olympic games.

I'm trying to get everything patched into the 4.2 beta till the end of the week. so that you can merge it by friday.

I've also rewritten the IPv4 function and have to clean it up and integrate it into socket.cpp.

While working on it, one thing is still not clear to me:

What do I report back as bind port? v4 port? v6 port? 

I'm talking about the callback at the end of VNCServerImpl::VRDEEnableConnections in VBoxVNC.cpp that sets the VRDE_SP_NETWORK_BIND_PORT.



Am 06.08.2012 um 13:56 schrieb Klaus Espenlaub <klaus.espenlaub at oracle.com>:

> On 16.07.2012 17:45, Oliver Loch wrote:
>> Hi,
>> please find attached a Q&D patch for the libVNCServer IPv6 issue.
>> It's licensed under the MIT-license.
> Applied to 4.1 branch (in a slightly modified way). Will show up 
> whenever we do the next maintenance release.
> Do you have something we can apply to trunk/4.2? We're in BETA phase 
> now, so it'd be cool to have proper support in the VNC extension pack.
> Klaus
>> KR,
>> Oliver
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