[vbox-dev] [PATCH] FreeBSD Permit IFT_L2VLAN in addition to IFT_ETHER when enumerating interfaces

Landon J Fuller landonf at plausible.coop
Tue Apr 10 13:38:07 PDT 2012

On FreeBSD, if_vlan(4) interfaces have an if_type of IFT_L2VLAN rather than IFT_ETHER, which prevents their inclusion in VirtualBox's NetIfList()-generated list of interfaces.

The attached patch adds support for IFT_L2VLAN interfaces in the FreeBSD implementation of NetIfList(), treating them identically as IFT_ETHER interfaces. I've confirmed that with the attached patch, interface bridging with a tagged if_vlan(4) interface works on FreeBSD 9.x.

As per the contributing documentation, the attached patch is Copyright (C) 2012 Plausible Labs Cooperative, Inc, and is licensed under the MIT license.

Landon Fuller

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