[vbox-dev] Mounting of fat32 drives

A BC vyau1234 at gmail.com
Mon Apr 9 15:45:10 PDT 2012

Dear All:

I noticed something with VirtualBox on MAC that I could not figure out
why so I am asking here.
I have been using VirtualBox on my Window 7 host machine for a while
and works out great running various guests OS of Linux and Win 2008
I also have a Macbook and I have been using VMWare Fusion.

I decided recently to just use VirtualBox on both machines.

On Macbook, I got the latest VirtualBox (4.1.12) and installed Linux
(Linux Mint) as guest OS.   I tried to mount USB drives, all formatted
as Fat32 and I got very different results (almost brand specifics).  I
also have VB Guest additions installed.    The behavior that I am

1)  Corsair brand 8GB USB Flash Drive:    Mounted on MacOS side.  I
ejected it and went to VB menu and click on it.   It mounted correctly
on inside my Linux guest.

2)  Western Digital 250GB USB drive:   Mounted on MacOS side.  I
ejected it and on VB menu, it is greyed out so I am not able to select

3)  Both Patriot 4GB USB Flash Drive &  Kingston 8GB USB Flash Drive:
 Mounted on MacOS side.   I ejected it when I go under VB menu to try
and mount either one, it would just remount on the MacOS side.

All of these, by the way, mounted just fine on my VirtualBox Win 7
Host machine running the same version of guest Linux OS.
Is there something special on the Mac interaction with VB that I do not know?



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