[vbox-dev] VirtualBox dll, can i use them?

Huihong Luo huisinro at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 29 19:37:31 PDT 2011

VBox has bridged network that you may be able to use, the code is inside this folder:
you will have to develop a kernel driver, and then some user space apps.
However, if you only want to virtualize Windows physical NIC, you can just start from the windows WDK sample, which has a working sample to turn one NIC to have multiple physical ip addrs.
the wdk sample is located inside C:\WinDDK\6001.18002\src\network\ndis

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Subject: [vbox-dev] VirtualBox dll, can i use them?
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Im programing an app, this app its about NIC bonding in windows, I must virtualize a NIC, wich will represent the n physical NIC's in the pc. I was wondering if I could take virtualbox dll, and use them, to virtualize the NIC and manage the hardware (all NIC's in the pc) using this virtual NIC. Im using Visual Studio C# to develop this app. Is this possible?  
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