[vbox-dev] Using Sockets in Device emulation

Arpit Patel arpit_patel at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 16 13:20:41 PDT 2011

I wanted to use tcp sockets from Device Emulation (eg. DevAHCI.cpp) and connect to a socket server running on one of the Guest OS or to another system on the network. I have following questions - 

1. Would this kind of socket comm possible from Device Emulation code?
2. As device emulation code runs in Ring0 mode, if I try to even include iprt/sockets.h file, it complains that RTSocket APIs are not available in Ring-0 context. If that is so, what sockets can I use from within Device Emulation code?
3. How do I know which code of Virtualbox is running in Ring0 and which is running in Ring3? I was under the impression that the vbox host drivers that are built and installed on the host OS is the only code that runs in Ring0 and everything else should be Ring3. 

4. Is there any sample code of this socket comm that can be used from device emulation in virtualbox, that you can point me to?. 

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