[vbox-dev] Python mmap issue with shared folders

Michael Sarahan msarahan at superstem.org
Fri Sep 16 04:15:40 PDT 2011


I have encountered a possible problem with python's memory mapping for
files in shared folders.  My testing system is a Windows 7 x64 host
with a Ubuntu 10.04 x86 guest.  When opening a file as a mmap by doing
the following:

    with open(fname, "r+b") as f:
        # memory-map the file, size 0 means whole file
        fmap = mmap.mmap(f.fileno(), 0)

I get an error message:

error: [Errno 22] Invalid argument

This is a minor issue - copying the file from the shared folder into
the virtual machine's local storage makes the issue disappear.

Is this worth filing a bug report, or not?

Thank you,
Michael Sarahan

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