[vbox-dev] Haiku operating system guest additions.

François Revol revol at free.fr
Mon Sep 12 09:37:17 PDT 2011

Le 12/09/2011 18:23, Ramshankar a écrit :
> I'm a little confused François, which files are these again?
> Like I mentioned on IRC, at this point we can take a look at the guest
> additions support for Haiku (+ kBuild changes required).
> The host  support for now (which is what I presume you worked on) will
> have to wait until it's more complete.

I meant some makefiles changes were actually intended for host support
as it's the thing I started writing first, and they grew organically
since I didn't have any experience of the buildsystem or kmk.

As for the rest,
all the files with licence headers mentionned in:
are actually copied from some ../os2/ or ../freebsd/ or other file, and
mostly replaced by Haiku-specific code, so the copyright would probably
be me actually, and they all come from virtualbox.


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