[vbox-dev] Haiku operating system guest additions.

Alexander von Gluck kallisti5 at unixzen.com
Tue Sep 6 10:09:45 PDT 2011

After a summer of hard work, our Google summer of code student 
completed his work on the VirtualBox guest additions for Haiku.

Whats done:
   * Mouse Integration -- works perfectly
   * Shared folders -- works perfectly
   * Shared clipboard -- working well
   * VirtualBox video -- works, incomplete
   * VirtualBox tray application

VirtualBox video:
   Mike had every expectation to complete this, however it was 
discovered that updating
   only certain screen regions wasn't a feature in the app_server (and 
is required by
   the VirtualBox 2d acceleration layout).  The functions in the 
accelerant have been written
   and stubbed out to make implementing this easy in the future.  Mike 
pushed on and did
   complete the dynamic resizing of the screen.

   A gcc4 Haiku build is a requirement as Mike was trying to get gcc2 
working up until the end of
   the coding session... however was unable to get it working without 

I have put together two packages to make showing off the code to the 
VirtualBox team
and the Haiku community easy...

   the -full one includes the VirtualBox video driver, it isn't 
recommended though as without
   2d acceleration, the vesa driver is much faster.

   To use these for the moment:
      boot a recent gcc4 Haiku nightly image under VirtualBox, unzip in 
/boot/, reboot.

   I am working to get these included in Haiku as an optional package so 
you can run the following
   on a gcc4 VirtualBox guest to install the drivers:
      installoptionalpackage -a vboxadditions

Mikes VirtualBox branch with the additions can be found here:

To ensure Mike's hard work is maintained, and doesn't get too far out 
of sync with the VirtualBox tree...
is anyone willing to take a lead and become a point of contact to try 
and get this added to VirtualBox?

We feel the code should be up to the VirtualBox standards.  Please let 
me know if anyone has any questions
or if I need to complete any tasks.


  -- Alex

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