[vbox-dev] The given session is busy

Barash, Danny danny.barash at intel.com
Sat Sep 3 05:57:39 PDT 2011

I believe that the reason the machine is locked is because you are already locking it at
" IProgress progress = machine.launchVMProcess(session, "gui", "");"

Please refer to the SDK ref for more information.


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Hello, I am beginner in virtualbox java API and now I need
change the memory size of a vm. I am using the following code:

    public void setMemorySize() {
        VirtualBoxManager mgr = VirtualBoxManager.createInstance(null);
        ISession session = mgr.getSessionObject();
        IVirtualBox vbox = mgr.getVBox();

        IMachine machine = vbox.getMachines().get(1);
        IProgress progress = machine.launchVMProcess(session, "gui", "");
        machine.lockMachine(session, LockType.Write); // machine is now locked for writing
        IMachine mutable = session.getMachine();
        // obtain the mutable machine copy
        mutable.setMemorySize((long) 1024);
        // write settings to XML

But, returns the following error:

Exception in thread "main" org.virtualbox_4_1.VBoxException: The function "lockMachine" returned an error condition: "The given session is busy"  (0x80bb0007)
    at org.virtualbox_4_1.IMachine.lockMachine(IMachine.java:798)
    at teste.elasticidade.IniciaVM.setMemorySize(IniciaVM.java:51)
    at teste.elasticidade.IniciaVM.main(IniciaVM.java:37)

what may be happening?

thanks a lot.

Rafael Braga
Intel Israel (74) Limited

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