[vbox-dev] Custom gui frontend: custom ExtPack or other means of direct host/guest com?

aep aep at exys.org
Fri Oct 14 17:10:48 GMT 2011

On Fri, 14 Oct 2011 15:34:45 +0200, Ivo Smits wrote:
> Hi,
> You can access/modify the framebuffer pointer without rebuilding
> virtualbox. You can use the COM API to open a VM, bind it to a 
> session
> and run it (inside your own application).

Not quite. You will be forced to build against that RTR3 security 
thing, which pulls in a whole load of problems.
"Just using the xpcom api" isn't really working.

> On Linux systems, you
> can either run everything as root, or make a call to 
> RTR3InitAndSUPLib
> (in VBoxXPCOMC.so) as root and then drop privileges and set up the 
> VM.

which has a hardcoded list of binaries that are allowed to run.
If you touch that, then you have to recompile SVC.

> I've documented this (an alternative frontend in C#/.Net for Windows
> and Linux) on my blog: http://wp.ufo-net.nl/tag/virtualbox/ - where
> you can also find a link to my sourcecode.

that sounds promising, but how did you solve the security thingy 
Do you just make every user recompile everything?

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