[vbox-dev] Capturing a device usbLibDevCfgDrGet DeviceIoControl 1 fail winEr (31)

Ribhi Kamal rbhkamal at gmail.com
Thu Oct 13 16:12:18 GMT 2011

More than often I see the following error when trying to capture the axalto
smartcard reader:
VirtualBox (XP)COM Server 4.1.51_OSE r38834 win.amd64 (Oct 11 2011 12:53:24)
release log
00:00:00.000 main     Log opened 2011-10-13T15:58:02.008196600Z
00:00:00.000 main     OS Product: Windows 7
00:00:00.000 main     OS Release: 6.1.7601
00:00:00.000 main     Executable:
00:00:00.000 main     Process ID: 2152
00:00:00.000 main     Package type: WINDOWS_64BITS_GENERIC (OSE)
00:00:00.016          Loading settings file
"C:\Users\tester/.VirtualBox\VirtualBox.xml" with version "1.12-windows"
00:00:00.156          usbLibDevCfgDrGet: DeviceIoControl 1 fail winEr (31)
00:00:00.453          VDInit finished
00:00:00.453          Loading settings file "C:\Users\tester\VirtualBox
VMs\testing\testing.vbox" with version "1.11-windows"
00:00:01.794 USBPROXY usbLibDevCfgDrGet: DeviceIoControl 1 fail winEr (31)

After the capture the device will be left in the following state:
C:\Users\tester\Desktop\bin-new>VBoxManage.exe list usbhost
Host USB Devices:
UUID:               717a5a0d-3510-4b9e-a5f5-2830de45ff3f
VendorId:           0x04b9 (04B9)
ProductId:          0x1000 (1000)
Revision:           1.0 (0100)
Manufacturer:       Rainbow Technologies
Product:            iKey 1000
Current State:      Captured

UUID:               407b053e-0566-47de-b293-a81781524dbf
VendorId:           0x04e6 (04E6)
ProductId:          0x511c (511C)
Revision:           5.24 (0524)
Address:            {50dd5230-ba8a-11d1-bf5d-0000f805f530}\0002
*Current State:      Captured*

UUID:               d027769c-8edb-4e12-a93e-56ff4e0614c6
VendorId:           0x0b97 (0B97)
ProductId:          0x7772 (7772)
Revision:           1.16 (0116)
Manufacturer:       O2
Product:            O2Micro CCID SC Reader
Address:            {50dd5230-ba8a-11d1-bf5d-0000f805f530}\0001
Current State:      Busy

There are two problems:
1- The capture issue. (maybe retry usbLibDevCfgDrGet?)
2- Handling the error is not done properly in vboxsvc(?) and the device is
left the "Captured" state eventhough it is not.

Please let me know how I can help.

-- Ribhi
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