[vbox-dev] VirtualBox fails to install python bindings on Ubuntu 11.04 x64

Perry Halbert phalbert at cox.net
Mon May 30 13:55:50 GMT 2011

This project was a personal development issue which in my opinion should 
have been forked.

Pushing the VirtualBox team to take on this private issue and use their 
development time to fix just doesn't seem right.

How can this possibly be more important than the issues that affect *ALL 

On 05/30/2011 08:20 AM, Frank Mehnert wrote:
> On Monday 30 May 2011 15:06:33 Alexey Eromenko wrote:
>>>> 2. Would it be possible to adjust the Linux multi-distro installer, so
>>>> it compiles VBox python modules on install, just like it compiles
>>>> kernel modules ?
>>> I doubt so.  After all, when next Vbox will be released, it will have
>>> proper binaries for all
>>> supported OSes.
>> Currently the multi-distro package is feature-incomplete compared to
>> distro-specific versions.
> I wouldn't say it is feature-incomplete. We will try to make the
> package compatible with Ubuntu 11.04.
>> The result, is that it is hard to Alpha-test VirtualBox, and hard to
>> install it on rare distros.
>> What is the point of multi-distro installer anyway ? To install on
>> rare or unreleased distros (such as Debian wheezy, future Slackware,
>> etc...)
> Of course the .run packages are meant for exactly that purpose, install
> it on distributions where we don't provide packages for. Of course it
> is difficult to satisfy every dependency. This package depends on a
> very old libc6 and it ships Qt itself. It also ships VBoxPython for
> several versions of python.
>> Also for weekly alpha testing - our case - compiling 20 packages is
>> simply not practical.
>> I would be much happier if VBox multi-distro installer could compile
>> python bindings on the fly.
> We will NOT do that. To be forced to compile the kernel modules is already
> a nightmare and we would appreciate if we wouldn't need that.
> There is always the option to compile the VirtualBox OSE sources. On
> Linux this should really not be difficult. We are aware that on Windows
> this is much more difficult and we will try to fix that sooner or later
> but as always too much work to do...
> Kind regards,
> Frank
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