[vbox-dev] [VBox-users] Announcement: GNS3 VirtualBox Edition Enters BETA

Alexey Eromenko al4321 at gmail.com
Wed May 25 13:15:11 GMT 2011

> in such announce, please give at least two lines explainig what is GNS :-)

GNS3 is a wonderful network simulator, with many features:
1. Qt4 GUI (same as VirtualBox) -- very intuitive and user-friendly.
2. Dynamic Topology layer -- items (VMs/Routers/Switches/Cables) can
be added or removed at run-time, without shutting down devices or
topology. (provided by 'Dynagen' component)
3. Multi-host -- distributed architecture. (although most of our users
run everything on 'localhost')
4. Packet Captures -- full integration with Wireshark.
5. Very easy and readable text format (for saving topology)
6. Three underlying engines: Dynamips (Routers+Switches), Qemu and
VirtualBox (for VMs).
6.a. It is recommended to install all 3 engines to enjoy full power of
GNS3, but installing only VirtualBox and skipping 2 others is
7. Cross-platform -- GNS3 runs on all platforms, that are supported by
8. GNS3 is intended as education tool.
9. By design, all VBox VM settings, are done from VirtualBox GUI,
except the network.
9.a. With VBox backend, Network is managed by GNS3 (vNICs <2-N>) -
first NIC is also
managed from VirtualBox GUI.
10. Open-Source -- GNS3 is GPLed (due to requirements of PyQt4 library).

With this release of GNS3, VirtualBox users can create interesting
network topologies and learn computer networks.

-Alexey Eromenko "Technologov"

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