[vbox-dev] Announcement: GNS3 VirtualBox Edition Enters BETA

Perry Halbert phalbert at cox.net
Wed May 25 13:08:11 GMT 2011

I keep seeing reference to version 4.1.0 which is confusing as even 
today compiling svn still brings up 4.0.51.

VirtualBox Version 4.0.51_OSE r37206 (2011-05-25T12:57:27Z) installer
Removing previous installation of VirtualBox 4.0.51_OSE r37161 from 

Am I missing something, some step, or are these references to 4.1.0 just 
not correct?

On 05/25/2011 07:32 AM, Alexey Eromenko wrote:
> Hi All,
> With this good hour, GNS3 VirtualBox Edition enters BETA testing with
> new major versions of both products, GNS3 0.8.0 (BETA) + VirtualBox
> 4.1.0 (Alpha).
> Full release announcement + screenshot:
> http://www.gns3.net/phpBB/post11008.html?sid=3f804ce4de47a9f9e179778e4f161cd8#p11008
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