[vbox-dev] Guest additions for Android

François Revol revol at free.fr
Thu Mar 24 15:06:50 GMT 2011

Le 24 mars 2011 à 15:56, Vladimir Chtchetkine a écrit :

> Thank you Michael,
> I'm quite new to the Linux world, so forgive me if my questions are too
> naive, but nevertheless, let me reiterate what I understood:
> There is a vboxguest.ko module that can be (is?) installed on the guest
> system and then can be used as a gate to VBox framework.
> In order to access services, provided by vboxguest.ko I need to build
> VBoxGuestLib.
> So, my naive questions are:
> 1. Where do I get that vboxguest.ko module? Do I build it?

Either you install the Linux guest additions in your Android VM, if it's compatible (possibly it will build the kernel-dependent glue itself for Linux anyway), or you build it yourself with something like:


the binaries should end up somewhere in out/.
At least it works for Haiku.


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