[vbox-dev] Guest additions for Android

Vladimir Chtchetkine vchtch at gmail.com
Thu Mar 24 14:21:55 GMT 2011

Hi guys,
I'm running Android as a guest, and want to use host cursor in it, so when
mouse input gets captured the cusror sill not disappear. Looking at guest
additions, I see that I can change mouse capabilities
(VMMDEV_MOUSE_GUEST_NEEDS_HOST_CURSOR) when I start Android. So, I guess, I
need to write small guest addition that would send appropriate request to
the host.
I've read and re-read the doc, but I still can't get it how can I write my
own (standalone) guest addition app that would be separate from the whole
guest additions installation enchilada. Is it possible at all? And if yes,
what do I need to build such app?


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