[vbox-dev] IEvent not triggering on some events ... ?

Joseph Smith joseph1962smith at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 20 03:11:12 GMT 2011

VBox Ver: 4.0.0 and 4.0.4
Hosts: Win XP, openSuSE 11.2, Mac OS 10.6
Guests: various

I am using the VirtualBox webservice PHP APIs (via vboxServiceWrappers.php). 
With the release of 4.0.x, I shifted my solution approach from a heavy polling 
approach to the light-weight IEvent approach.

It appears there are some key events that are not being triggered.  For example, 
I do not receive the IMediumChanged and IMediumRegistered events among some 
lesser important events that I don't quite need just yet (e.g: 

I do consistently receive the OnMachineRegistered, OnMachineDataChanged, 
OnMachineStateChanged, OnGuestPropertyChanged, OnEventSourceChanged, 
OnSessionStateChagned events and a few others.

When I register the listner (EventSource::RegisterListener), I listen for 'Any' 
events as described in the documentation and after handling each event, I call  

Does ver 4.0.x fire IMedium events ?  Any suggestions of what I might be able to 
look for to determine what I might be doing incorrectly?

Oh ... my application runs for weeks at a time without being restarted and polls 
about every 3 seconds for events.  There are never any events that are not 
processed.  Of the events I listed above, I continue to receive those events 
when actions trigger them ... just not getting many of the others listed in the 
enumerated VBoxEvent Type.

Any suggestions are welcome.


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