[vbox-dev] is this code correct in rdpusb.c?

Huihong Luo huisinro at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 18 22:45:24 GMT 2011

trying to implement RemoteUSB on Windows, and found the following code in rdpusb.c:

static void
rdpusb_send_reply (uint8_t code, uint8_t status, uint32_t devid)
    STREAM s = rdpusb_init_packet(1, code);
    out_uint8(s, status);
    out_uint32_le(s, devid);

the first line seems to be incorrect, should it be something like this: (i.e., 1 --> 5 for the length)

STREAM s = rdpusb_init_packet(5, code);  

Tried very hard to play with remote usb using rdesktop-vrdp, it never worked for me. The Windows guest shows some error in Mass Storage Device. The usb was initially detected inside vm, but never worked. It's a flash drive.

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