[vbox-dev] [RFC][PATCH] kBuild port to Haiku

François Revol revol at free.fr
Mon Mar 7 14:32:47 GMT 2011

This is a preliminary port of kBuild to Haiku:


Needs some cleanup but WorksForMe™ as it manages to build what I already ported of VirtualBox. Some remarks:

- it seems there were interferences with Haiku's fnmatch.h in some way, IIRC it was what caused it to crash trying to build VBox;
- I couldn't find any official reference to __ptr_t;
- I also had a lot of local changes to sed, but I don't remember patching it, maybe it updated it on its own when autoreconf or something ?
- can't remember the reason for # include <posix/setjmp.h>, it shouldn't be required, I'll have to try and remove it; oh it was probably to avoid using a local one by mistake;
- ditto for # include <posix/signal.h> though OpenGroup mandates <signal.h>, not <sys/signal.h>;
- Haiku does not dump core, it just opens a debugger; and WCOREDUMP is not standard it seems;
- <sys/fcntl.h> does not exist in POSIX either it seems, it should be <fcntl.h> anyway;
- Haiku has no /usr, so the #!/usr/bin/env perl fails at what it tries to fix; best should be to use #!perl I suppose, it should work everywhere now;
- BePC = i586;

The bootstrapped binaries are here:

cf. also http://ports.haiku-files.org/wiki/dev-util/kbuild


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