[vbox-dev] Haiku Guest Additions round #1: vboxguest

François Revol revol at free.fr
Thu Mar 3 04:32:56 GMT 2011

Hi there,
I just got the vboxguest driver running in Haiku:

~/Desktop> uname -a
Haiku mybox 1 r40736 Jan 24 2011 11:59:21 BePC Haiku
~/Desktop> ls -l /dev/misc/vboxguest 
crw-r--r-- 1 baron root        0 Mar  3 04:56 /dev/misc/vboxguest
~/Desktop> ./additions/VBoxControl guestproperty enumerate
Oracle VM VirtualBox Guest Additions Command Line Management Interface Version 4.0.51_OSE
(C) 2008-2011 Oracle Corporation
All rights reserved.

Name: /VirtualBox/HostGuest/SysprepExec, value: <NULL>, timestamp: 1299124132319055000, flags: TRANSIENT, RDONLYGUEST
Name: /VirtualBox/HostGuest/SysprepArgs, value: <NULL>, timestamp: 1299124132319455000, flags: TRANSIENT, RDONLYGUEST
Name: /VirtualBox/HostInfo/GUI/LanguageID, value: fr_FR, timestamp: 1289693225263095000, flags: <NULL>
Name: /VirtualBox/HostInfo/VBoxVer, value: 4.0.51_OSE, timestamp: 1299124132319940000, flags: TRANSIENT, RDONLYGUEST
Name: /VirtualBox/HostInfo/VBoxRev, value: 36094, timestamp: 1299124132319988000, flags: TRANSIENT, RDONLYGUEST

This is quite a first step in getting full Guest Addition support hopefully.

I need to clean up the patch because I also started to port VBox to Haiku (host), so it's huge and likely a lot of stuff isn't needed for guest support.

Still, meanwhile it would be nice if this one was committed, even though running in stock VBox which doesn't know about VBOXOSTYPE_Haiku seems to work:
(though I'm not sure I should keep VBOXOSTYPE_BeOS since I already had to use Haiku-specific calls for vboxguest so it's unlikely it will run in BeOS...)


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