[vbox-dev] [PATCH] VirtualBox GUI improvement - hides disabled options

Sergey Dubov Sergey.Dubov at Oracle.COM
Mon Jun 27 15:37:43 GMT 2011


Its a common practice in GUI (at least in our GUI) to not hide but just 
disable currently unused widgets.
Note: That is commonly because of layouting system which updates window 
geometry after any widget hidden/shown. This can cause: 1. widget 
jumping which is not desirable; 2. current window size change which is 
not desirable.
So, we will not apply such patches unless there will be particular 
reason to do that (for example very large and/or rarely used widgets 
could be hidden in some cases).
Thank you for understanding.

/WBR, Sergey Dubov/

23.06.2011 22:02, Alexey Eromenko пишет:
> Hi,
> This patch hides some GUI elements:
> a. hide SMP + accel. tab on non-VT-x hosts.
> b. hide "Port Forwarding" on non-NAT backends.
> c. hide "Promisc. Mode" on user-space backends.
> MIT licensed.
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