[vbox-dev] Paging in VirtualBox

Francesco Di Paolo negroni_85 at hotmail.it
Tue Jun 7 02:39:58 GMT 2011

i’m trying to understand how paging works on VirtualBox. So far, and in a general way, i’ve understand that(and correct me if i’m wrong)when the guest OS tries to allocate a page, a #PF is generated and this is handled by trpmtrap0ehandler() in TRPM.cpp that relies on pgmtrap0ehandler(). This function gives the control to the hypervisor that uses functions in the MM and PGM group in order to allocate the page. Now i dont’ want anyone to explain me the all process(i wish...but no). I’m looking for advices in order to better understand the second part(what the hypervisor does)such as:could it be useful to see the content of the CR3 register and why?
What i need are the right questions i have to ask to myself.
Any kind of help will be more than appreciated.
Thank you
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