[vbox-dev] NAT IPv6 does exist

Geoff Nordli geoffn at gnaa.net
Wed Jun 1 20:25:55 GMT 2011

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>Subject: [vbox-dev] NAT IPv6 does exist
>Named "slirpvde6" and is part of VDE project, but theoretically it may be
>Renzo writes:
>"The new code for the stack and the command slirpvde6 are in the
>branch on sourceforge. slirpvde6 is very similar to slirpvde but: (1) it is
based on
>lwipv6 instead of the old bsd stack,
>(2) it supports both IPv4 and IPv6."
>If someone is interested, take a look.
Hi Alexey.

If someone is going to look at the VDE code, I would like to see with VDE
and VirtualBox is the ability to specify a VLAN when connecting to a VDE


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