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On Fri, Jul 29, 2011 at 10:08 PM, Ivan Shcherbakov <
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> Dear All.
> I  have mailed long ago about integrating VirtualKD (a tool that makes
> kernel-mode  debugging  with  VM software ~45x faster) with VirtualBox
> source  tree.  I've  got a reply from Achim Hasenmuller mentioning the
> pluggable  device  model  and  suggesting  that  I make a patch to the
> source tree.
> Recently  I've finally found time to make the patch, however, I've got
> problems  building  VirtualBox OSE. It seems that different components
> of  it  require  different versions of MinGW (e.g. configure.vbs needs
> 3.x,  while  QT4  needs 4.x) and the build instructions on the website
> seem  to  be  outdated (VS2005 is referenced, however, the source code
> references several intrinsics defined in VS2008).
> Is  there  an  easy way of building a custom version of VBoxDD.dll and
> testing it with pre-built VirtualBox?
> If  not, would it be possible to get assistance from somebody from the
> VirtualBox team to integrate it in a step-by-step manner?
> I strongly recommend you to use ExtPack to do this stuffs. There is a
sample extpack in the source tree. it provides the callback to let you plug
your device into VM. This will save you time to build the rest of vbox.

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> Best Regards,
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