[vbox-dev] VirtualKd + VirtualBox: sources

Ivan Shcherbakov info at ivan-shcherbakov.com
Fri Jul 29 07:08:41 PDT 2011

Dear All.

I  have mailed long ago about integrating VirtualKD (a tool that makes
kernel-mode  debugging  with  VM software ~45x faster) with VirtualBox
source  tree.  I've  got a reply from Achim Hasenmuller mentioning the
pluggable  device  model  and  suggesting  that  I make a patch to the
source tree.

Recently  I've finally found time to make the patch, however, I've got
problems  building  VirtualBox OSE. It seems that different components
of  it  require  different versions of MinGW (e.g. configure.vbs needs
3.x,  while  QT4  needs 4.x) and the build instructions on the website
seem  to  be  outdated (VS2005 is referenced, however, the source code
references several intrinsics defined in VS2008).

Is  there  an  easy way of building a custom version of VBoxDD.dll and
testing it with pre-built VirtualBox?

If  not, would it be possible to get assistance from somebody from the
VirtualBox team to integrate it in a step-by-step manner?

Best Regards,
 Ivan                          mailto:ivan at shcherbakov.info

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