[vbox-dev] Managing CR3 on guest O.S.

Francesco Di Paolo negroni_85 at hotmail.it
Sat Jul 23 07:02:03 PDT 2011

Hello there,
i'd like some hints in regards how the CR3 register is handled. From what i've learned, it seems that VirtualBox, everytime a guest O.S. try to write on CR3. generates a #GP and 
uses a function 

	EMInterpretCRxWrite() that calls emUpdateCRx() which modifies the VCpu. In particular, in regards to CR3, it sets the new value(with 

 )and does a flush calling PGMFlushTLB() that remap the CR3 with the function MapCR3(). Now, i  think that VirtualBox has to do the setup of the new page table right? And, in order to catch all the exceptions, it has to write protect it or am i wrong?and if it is so,can anyone address me to the source code that does these??i would appreciate

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