[vbox-dev] VBox USB passthrough questions

Suman Saraf saraf_suman at yahoo.com
Sat Jan 29 05:06:10 PST 2011


I am trying to passthrough my USB Gotek webcam from Windows 7 (32 bit) to a Linux VM. When I ran the debug build of Virtualbox 4.0, I could see that the call to VBoxUSBGetDescriptor() in VBoxUSBGetDeviceDescription() returns with 0xC0000011 which is STATUS_END_OF_FILE. Would someone know, in what cases could this IRP return this status code?

Additionally, do the fields bLength and bDescriptorType of devdescr need to be initialised correctly as done prior to other calls of VBoxUSBGetDescriptor() or it doesn't matter for this case?

Also, if I actually force the product and vendor id's to the correct value on this failure and let the processing continue, the device attaches nicely to the VM.

PS: It is only my 2nd day with the VBox USB (and USB in general) stuff so excuse me if some questions appear naive or stupid :=)



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