[vbox-dev] Question about USB states

Suman Saraf saraf_suman at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 28 10:38:56 PST 2011


I am having trouble capturing my USB webcam on a Windows host into my Android VM with VBox 4.0.2.

While debugging this issue, I started reading the SDK Reference and in section 6.51 (USBDevice State) it mentions that the states Busy and Unavailable are only applicable to Linux and that an attach can only succeed on Win32 if the device is in Held state?

Is this statement really correct? 

I have a complete passthrough filter for my VM and no global filters. My webcam first shows up as 'Busy' in Devices->USB. Then when I click on it, it shows 'Captured'. Unfortunately the Linux kernel (in Android VM) doesn't notice any new device.

Also, I was wondering if there is any useful implementation document for the VBox USB passthrough which I could look at.



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