[vbox-dev] Problem to attach DVD image by webservice

Klaus Espenlaub klaus.espenlaub at oracle.com
Tue Jan 18 07:49:02 PST 2011

On 18.01.2011 00:22, DavidW wrote:
> I am runing 4.0.0 r69151. I have problem to attach dvd image to a
> running vm by webservice.
> I did by the following steps
> 1, IVirtualBox_findMachine
> 2, IVirtualBox_openMedium
> 3, IVirtualBox_findMedium (tried with or without this step, same result)
> 4, IMachine_mountMedium
> It seems the medium is mounted, I can see the image under “IDE Primary
> Master (CD/DVD):” on vbox gui, but
> The driver in the vm shows empty.
> Another issue is it seems the image is deleted when I delete the vm.

The 4 steps can't be all what you're doing - you need to lock the 
machine to get an IMachine instance which can be modified.

How do you trigger VM deletion? The GUI definitely deletes only hard 
disk images (if you select the appropriate button in the dialog), and 
the same applies to VBoxManage. Sure that you didn't just register 
something accidentally as a hard disk instead of a DVD image?

The SDK has sample code, and as VirtualBox as a whole is open source it 
also counts as a BIG sample.


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