[vbox-dev] Ubuntu package for headless installation

Dominik Springer dcs-lists-gmane.comp.emulators.virtualbox.devel-201101132030 at s-up.org
Fri Jan 14 04:17:40 PST 2011

On Thursday 13 January 2011 22:59:24 François Revol wrote:
>> Maybe it could be broken down into vbox-common, vbox-headless, vbox-gui or
>> something ? That is quite common practice on debian it seems.

Frank Mehnert <frank.mehnert at ...> wrote:
> You might have noted that we currently provide VirtualBox packages for
> more than 30 different Linux distributions (even currently 10 only for
> different Ubuntu releases) so there is no "Ubuntu" package.

I got the point that there is a high effort to maintain
all the different releases. (lenny_amd64, lenny_i386, squeeze_amd64,
squeeze_i386, hardy_amd64, hardy_i386, karmic_amd64, karmic_i386,
lucid_amd64, lucid_i386, maverick_amd64, maverick_i386)
Obvious the idea to split up the package(s) sounds best to me,
there might be another option. What about have the qt, x and sdl
as recommends and the current recommends as suggests?


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