[vbox-dev] Ubuntu package for headless installation

Dominik Springer dcs-lists-gmane.comp.emulators.virtualbox.devel-201101132030 at s-up.org
Thu Jan 13 15:15:39 PST 2011

On Thursday 13 January 2011 20:42:33 Dominik Springer wrote:
>>> For VirtualBox headless usage, libs for qt, x and sdl are not required.
>>> Anyway latest Virtualbox package for Ubuntu has those in its dependency
>>> list. Dependencies are handled very strict by the package management
>>> system and I see no option to ignore dependencies during installation.
>>> Would it be an option to have another package for headless setup with
>>> different dependencies?
François Revol <revol at ...> writes:
> Are those strict dependencies or recommendations ?
> There is an option on aptitude and other package manager to only install 
> required dependencies and discard those that aren't necessary:
> -R, --without-recommends

Yes, libs for qt, sdl and x are depends.
There are also recommends, but for kernel module creation, pdf-viewer and audio.

On Thursday 13 January 2011 21:05 Frank Mehnert wrote:
>> Sure this would be an option but we don't intend to create another
>> 30 Linux packages, sorry. You can still install the .run package which
>> does not have any package dependencies.> 

François Revol <revol at ...> writes:
> Maybe it could be broken down into vbox-common, vbox-headless, vbox-gui
> or something? That is quite common practice on debian it seems.

This idea sounds very good to me. Would this be an option?
(I would propose a split in core, x and kernel module.)

BTW, I really appreciate that the Ubuntu package includes the kernel module. On
a headless minimal installation this is very convenient.


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