[vbox-dev] LPT Port Using VBox 4.04

Klaus Espenlaub klaus.espenlaub at oracle.com
Mon Feb 28 10:59:54 PST 2011

On 25.02.2011 22:32, Bob McCurdy wrote:
> I wrote yesterday asking fotr help using the parallel port on a Windows
> 7 host from a Windows 2000 guest. I have found quite a bit from
> searching source code, the config file, etc. However, when I set
> enabled=true in the config file VirtualBox comes up with a
> VERR_PDM_DRIVER_NOT_FOUND error for LPT1. It seems evident there is
> something more that needs to be done to get the VM to recognize LPT1 on
> the host, which, by the way, works fine otherwise. If anyone knows what
> else needs to be done I would really appreciate it, at the very least a
> nudge in the right direction! We are under a real time crunch to get
> this working. We only need to be able to send a single character out
> through the LPT port from time to time, so fancy support for more
> sophisticated printers is the least of our worries. Thanks in advance to
> anyone who can help me with this. If something needs to be modified,
> recompiled, etc., that is okay. I have been writing both low and high
> level software for many years so no real problems there. Thanks again
> for any help.

Rather easy to explain - VirtualBox has a parallel port device emulation 
which is platform independent. However the driver (for accessing the 
host LPT port) is only available on Linux, which explains the error 
message. See build/VBoxDD.cpp (search for g_DrvHostParallel) and 
Parallel/DrvHostParallel.cpp (contains only Linux specific code).

As long as this is the case you must use a Linux host otherwise nothing 
will work.


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