[vbox-dev] LPT Port Using VBox 4.04

Bob McCurdy bob at ramccurdy.com
Fri Feb 25 13:32:45 PST 2011

I wrote yesterday asking fotr help using the parallel port on a Windows 7
host from a Windows 2000 guest. I have found quite a bit from searching
source code, the config file, etc. However, when I set enabled=true in the
config file VirtualBox comes up with a VERR_PDM_DRIVER_NOT_FOUND error for
LPT1. It seems evident there is something more that needs to be done to get
the VM to recognize LPT1 on the host, which, by the way, works fine
otherwise. If anyone knows what else needs to be done I would really
appreciate it, at the very least a nudge in the right direction! We are
under a real time crunch to get this working. We only need to be able to
send a single character out through the LPT port from time to time, so fancy
support for more sophisticated printers is the least of our worries. Thanks
in advance to anyone who can help me with this. If something needs to be
modified, recompiled, etc., that is okay. I have been writing both low and
high level software for many years so no real problems there. Thanks again
for any help.

Bob McCurdy
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