[vbox-dev] LPT Support in VirtualBox

Bob McCurdy bob at ramccurdy.com
Wed Feb 23 09:09:00 PST 2011

In searching for LPT support in VirtualBox I found a recent (13.2.2011)
email response by Klaus to the effect that LPT support has existed "in a
limited form for a long time now." I have need for very limited support via
Windows 2000 running in VBox on a Windows 7 machine which does have a
parallel port. All I have to be able to do is send a single character to
activate a cash draw opening, so limited functionality should be adequate.

My question is, how can LPT supoort be activated? If you could either
explain it briefly, or point me to where the process is in the source code I
would very much appreciate it. I have been a software/hardware engineer
since the middle 60's, so I'm not afraid to look at source code if that is
what is necessary.

Please answer as soon as you can as our need is urgent. Thank you very much
for your help.

Bob McCurdy
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