[vbox-dev] Regarding about the IBandwidthControl and Pause()

John Lee skjl25 at gmail.com
Mon Feb 14 21:44:15 PST 2011


I was able to spawn the VM and would like to control the network 
bandwidth of the VM that I'm using.

Based on the c++ sample(tstVBoxAPILinux.cpp) from the sdk, I declared 
the IBandwidthControl as the

nsCOMPtr<IBandwidthControl> control;
"After all of necessary routines for the launchVMPorcess() to generate 
the VM"

But I get the segmentation fault. Another way I tried was to create 
nsCOMPtr<IBandwidthGroup> group; to see if I can manipulate the network 
bandwidth of the VM. But I still I get the seg fault error message.

I was wondering if there is any sample code or a way to manipulate the 
bandwidth of the VM. It is very confusing for me to actually use the sdk 
without the examples.

Moreover, I have posted regarding about the Pause function error with 
the C binding code previously. I have tried the same thing with the c++ 
code. But still there is a problem with pausing the VM. This time, 
instead of the seg fault message, it does not pause the VM but rather 
ignores it.

Within the c++ code:

After launching the VM,
nsCOMPtr<IConsole> console;
console->PowerDown(&progress);//where the progress is the same 
IProgress* that I have used in the LaunchVMProcess();

I'm working with the VirtualBox 4.0 and the host machine's OS is Ubuntu 

Thank you very much in advance.

John Lee

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